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Small measuring tools are the backbone of measurement in industry and Mitutoyo offers a complete range to cover practically all requirements, whether an application only needs just a basic caliper or tolerances are so tight as to demand the most accurate and highest resolution hand-held micrometer available today.

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Linear Height Linkki
QM-Height Linkki
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Data Management Systems - yleisesite Linkki
Ohjelmisto: MeasurLink 8  Linkki
Ohjelmisto: MeasurLink 9  Linkki
*Uutuus* U-Wave - Bluetooth Linkki
U-Wave - langaton tiedonsiirto Linkki
USB Input Tool Direct Linkki
ABS Digimatic Caliper Linkki
IP67 Coolant proof Caliper Linkki
ID-C Dial Indicators Linkki
Dial Test Indicators Linkki
Inside Diameter Measurement Bore Gage Linkki
MDH Sub-Micrometer Linkki
Micrometer Heads Linkki
Dedicated Micrometers and Caliper Linkki
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i-Checker Linkki